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  • Always reserve a minimum number of parts. Key components should be kept in the field for quick replacement, thus minimizing downtime.
  • Make sure that your equipment operators have received training in good working order and safety training.
  • In order to facilitate better equipment selection, please provide the following information in the consultation:
    ①be packaged materials and their properties;
    ② bag type and size;
    ③ packaging capacity requirements;
    ④ Packaging net weight and measurement accuracy Equipment spatial dimensions
    ⑤ reserved;
  • Kaiwei Company long-term with automatic weighing packaging palletizing production line physical prototypes, can strip the actual operation, welcome customers to come to our distance all-round inspection.
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Oil processing industry
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   Soybean meal is a by-product obtained by extracting bean oil from soybean, which is in the shape of irregular fragments, with consistent color from pale yellow to light brown, with small amount of lumps. The soybean meal has an inherent bean flavor. In the past few years, China saw a rapid growth in soybean processing, thereby showing a substantial growth of soybean meal output. At present, various enterprises are facing some practical problems such as high labor cost, shortage of labor forces etc., in this case, improving the soybean meal packing environment and reducing the labor intensity of packing workers is a general trend.

   The soybean packing must use non coating woven bags due to the adoption of soybean leaching process. The semi-automatic packing unit made by Kaiwei Company with its utmost efforts, based on typical applications of the foreign counterparts, is characterized by small footprint, stable and reliable operation etc. Followed by manual bag handling and opening, the subsequent actions such as bag attaching, bag opening trimming, heavy bag compaction, bag clamping and transfer, edge folding, label conveying, bag stitching etc. are automatically implemented by the semi-automatic packing unit.

- soybean meal
- peanut meal
- rapeseed meal
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