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  • Always reserve a minimum number of parts. Key components should be kept in the field for quick replacement, thus minimizing downtime.
  • Make sure that your equipment operators have received training in good working order and safety training.
  • In order to facilitate better equipment selection, please provide the following information in the consultation:
    ①be packaged materials and their properties;
    ② bag type and size;
    ③ packaging capacity requirements;
    ④ Packaging net weight and measurement accuracy Equipment spatial dimensions
    ⑤ reserved;
  • Kaiwei Company long-term with automatic weighing packaging palletizing production line physical prototypes, can strip the actual operation, welcome customers to come to our distance all-round inspection.
  • Please take a moment to visit the monthly www.whjyymy.com, make sure to know our latest product information and news events.
Industrial application
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The thousands of application of equipment involves different industrial fields
  Since 2001, Kaiwei has been devoting itself to R&D and manufacture of factory automatic equipment system for long term and enjoys a high reputation in innovative customized bag packing, bagged material conveying and unpacking solutions. It has successively been identified by globally famous weighing and packaging enterprises as their ODM supplier. Today, thousands of products are being operated in different industrial fields, enabling Kaiwei to accumulate with considerable field experience. Our goal is to meet the needs of production in different fields in the most creative and effective way.
  Kaiwei can offer perfect solutions for feed, oils, chemical, salt-making and other industries, including equipment of constant weighing, fully automatic packing, automatic stacking, automatic unpacking and warehousing of raw materials. Please choose corresponding industries for finding relevant product selection.
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