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  • Always reserve a minimum number of parts. Key components should be kept in the field for quick replacement, thus minimizing downtime.
  • Make sure that your equipment operators have received training in good working order and safety training.
  • In order to facilitate better equipment selection, please provide the following information in the consultation:
    ①be packaged materials and their properties;
    ② bag type and size;
    ③ packaging capacity requirements;
    ④ Packaging net weight and measurement accuracy Equipment spatial dimensions
    ⑤ reserved;
  • Kaiwei Company long-term with automatic weighing packaging palletizing production line physical prototypes, can strip the actual operation, welcome customers to come to our distance all-round inspection.
  • Please take a moment to visit the monthly www.whjyymy.com, make sure to know our latest product information and news events.
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Wuxi Kaiwei Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd.
The values are reflected through products and services

  Wuxi Kaiwei Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd., since its establishment in 2001, has been devoting itself to R&D and manufacture of factory automation equipment system. While accumulating rich practical experience, it has succeeded in building a powerful team involving market, R&D, manufacture and service.

  We have been laying our focus on international market and forging ahead for fruitful results. Our company has successively been identified as an ODM supplier by globally renowned weighing and packing groups. Moreover, the company has gradually formed the cultural gene of “having foresight”, “seeking innovation”, “team work”, “sensitive response” and “emphasis on implementation”.

  Nowadays, Kaiwei Company is making utmost efforts in making fully-automatic packing and unpacking machines for bulk materials, taking the world top-level products in the sector as benchmark, absorbing the characteristics of selected models made in Germany, Italy, Holland, Austria and other countries, integrating the essence of present leading technologies, which can better meet the high quality needs of domestic customers for automation of packing and unpacking equipment.

  By upholding the management policy of “quality first and customers first”, Kaiwei Company endeavors to provide a prompt and highly cost-effective fully automatic packing and unpacking solution.

From single equipment components to turn-key system engineering...…
The extremely innovative and economic solution ensures your leading edge

  從From the initial scheme design to constant weighing for materials of finished goods, packing, sealing, conveying, inspecting and stacking of single components till overall execution of turn-key projects, we can achieve the goals in an innovative way

  The strength in R&D is integrated with equipment manufacture and processing technologies in a seamless manner

  The quality and reliability of our solutions and our rich experience in factory automatic equipment and bulk materials constant weighting field for more than 2 decades are important foundation for our success.

Global perspective
◇ The products have absorbed the essence of top-grade products around the world
◇ The product standards are based on world top-grade products
◇ ODM supplier of globally renowned group company
◇ One-decade partnership with globally famous brand
Strength in R&D
◇ Laying focus on needs of each customer, the design team with foresight and innovative awareness work in close cooperation, pay attention to practical execution with sensitive response
◇ Putting the entire production line into operation as a long-term testing equipment
◇ Enjoying rich experience in full three-dimensional design for more than ten years
◇ Being a pioneer of automatic attaching machine for soft woven bags in the industry
◇ Possessing 8 invention patents and 10 utility model patents
Lean production
◇ The highly reasonable CAD/CAM supportive production and continual improvement of technological process allow it to be a model of the most advanced technologies
◇ The sound quality management system convinces the customers that all the links of the equipment to be used have passed inspection and testing during the manufacturing
Technical service
The technical service adapting to individualized needs will ensure the smooth running of finished goods automatic packaging system
The experienced and well-trained service personnel will offer you advice and support in the aspects as follows:
◇ On-site guidance, training and production supervision
◇ Preventive inspection and maintenance
◇ Maintenance and inspection contract
◇ Nationwide door-to-door service
◇ Nationwide door-to-door service
◇ Retrofitting and relocation of existing facilities
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